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天道 輝 Cv仲村宗悟、握野英雄 Cv熊谷健太郎、紅井朱雀 Cv益山武明、葛之葉雨彦 Cv笠間 淳 MP3

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Title:THE [email protected] SideM WORLD [email protected] 01 試聴動画

Duration: 3:23

Quality:320 Kbps

天道 輝 Cv仲村宗悟、握野英雄 Cv熊谷健太郎、紅井朱雀 Cv益山武明、葛之葉雨彦 Cv笠間 淳 Track Lists

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Cheondoism (spelled Chondoism in North Korean sources) (Korean: Cheondogyo; hanja 天道教; hangul 천도교; literally "Religion of the Heavenly Way") is a 20th-century Korean religious ideology, based on the 19th-century Donghak religious movement founded by Ch'oe Che-u and codified under Son Pyŏng-Hi. Cheondoism has its origins in the peasant rebellions which arose starting in 1812 during the Joseon dynasty. Cheondoism is essentially Confucian in origin, but incorporates elements of Korean shamanism. It places emphasis on personal cultivation, social welfare in the present world, and rejects any notion of an afterlife. A splinter movement is Suwunism.

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